Singapore kindergarten teachers


A committed, passionate, and creative educator Ms Claudine has been an active contributing member in the field of learning and development for children for the past 25 years. She has been instrumental in designing and implementing training programmes for children to help them learn, grow and adapt to today’s ever-changing environment.

Her students range from children as young as 18 months old to 14-year-olds. Additionally, her expertise also extends to working with special needs children. Her goals have always been to equip children with knowledge, life skills, and passion for the demanding working world of tomorrow and to live life to its fullest potential.Ms Claudine has always held to her mission of reaching out and impacting young lives. While educating children has been an integral part of her livelihood, she also considers it a privilege to be able to contribute her skills, knowledge, and expertise to the industry of childhood education.

With her leadership and experience, she was able to lead the team to achieve the highest grade licensing standard since 2012 and has been achieving the SPARKS awards for PRS since 2014. She also believes strongly in reaching out to the less fortunate in our community and has led her team in the Care Bag Project.

This project distributes essential groceries to the lower-income families in Marsiling as well as providing food and educational materials to orphanages in Singapore and South-East Asia with the PRS Family. She also often leads the PRS team to join her in bringing cheer to the elderly by singing during festive occasions at homes for the elderly.

Outside of work, Ms Claudine enjoys walking her adorable husky-malamute dog, spending quality time with her family, singing with her church friends, and playing the ukulele and violin with family and friends.


Masters of Science in Speech and Language Pathology, National University of Singapore 
Bachelor of Arts in Childhood and Family Education, Edith Cowan University, Australia 
Diploma in Teaching General Education, Nanyang Technological University-National Institute of Education


Ms Kamini is an amicable and proficient childhood educator who boasts over 20 years of teaching experience. Professionally qualified with a diploma and degree in early childhood education, she is fully committed to her role as a teacher and passionate about fulfilling her role as the Principal of PRS.

Being a mother herself, Ms Kamini has had plenty of exposure and experience with educating and caring for children. Additionally, she has also spent 3 years teaching and choreographing dance for children aged between 4 to 10.

Ambitious and forward-thinking, Ms Kamini’s personal goals include making PRS the number 1 pre-school in Singapore. She also aims to learn and equip herself with more knowledge as she continues her duties. Additionally, she also aims to create a dynamic and positive team while also taking up more community projects that involve reaching out and helping those in need.

Suffice to say, Ms Kamini takes pride in her work, and she most enjoys being a vital part of the educational growth of children. She also looks forward to new challenges and particularly enjoys tackling problems that require creativity and ingenuity.

In her free time, Ms Kamini enjoys traditional Indian dance, spending time with her family, and immersing herself in nature with regular hikes. Like many of her colleagues, she too enjoys playing the ukulele.


Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, Edith Cowan University
Diploma in Early Childhood Education, SAUC Advent Link


Ms Gen is a dedicated early childhood teacher who is passionate about providing children with a fun and holistic environment for development and learning. With 13 years of experience teaching children aged 3 – 5, she is most known for her talent and ability in developing and implementing creative and fun activities that improve students’ learning and behavioural skills.

Ms Gen is also artistically inclined hence she is able to make lessons that are normally trite and mundane, more enjoyable and interesting for her students. Paired with her expressive nature, she has proven to be innovative with her teaching and strives to instil fun in every learning experience for her young, budding learners.

As a teacher, she recognizes the importance of open communication with parents and administrators regarding students’ growth and well-being. She believes that being open-minded and transparent is crucial when ensuring proper education for young children as it is a responsibility of both parent and teacher alike.

In her free time, Ms Gen enjoys playing the ukulele and singing with her colleagues. She also is often in charge of decorating the school and crafting backdrops during special events like National Day. When there is some free time with her students, she imparts her knowledge of gardening to the children in PRS’ front yard.


Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, University of San Jose – Recoletos


Ms Reena has been a loyal educator at PRS. With her experience teaching older children, Ms Nureena gained a newfound appreciation and respect for childhood educators. It was here at PRS where she finally understood the significance of the foundation that has been laid out by early childhood educators.

Equipped with years of experience, Ms Reena has been a teacher in spirit since she was twelve years old. She started tutoring younger children with financial needs in primary school while she waited for her PSLE results and went on to tutor her own younger siblings and cousins after realising that she was able to derive and break down formulas to better help easily retain their knowledge. With this, she was able to teach her students to understand concepts better which proved vital during her schooling years for both her education and the private tuition classes she provided.

Ms Reena has been a loyal educator at PRS. As she hailed from a large family and was constantly surrounded by children, she decided to give the early childhood industry a try. With her experience teaching older children, Ms Reena gained a newfound appreciation and respect for childhood educators. It was here at PRS where she finally understood the significance of the foundation that has been laid out by early childhood educators. As a teacher at PRS, her goal is to make learning easy for children and to also make it enjoyable. She also aims to impart her love and interest in literature to her lovable students.

In her free time, Ms Reena enjoys spending time with her family or when there is nobody to keep her company, she can be found with a new book in hand to satiate her hunger for reading or tuning in to the latest Netflix craze.


Degree in Sociology w/ Honours
Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Teaching)


A loyal educator and member of Phyllis Riccia School that has been serving since November 2013. Dedicated, kind and compassionate are words that are often used to describe Ms Dashini. Her students range from 18 months to 36 months old.

As an extremely passionate individual, she always holds to her mission of reaching out and improving young lives. Owing to her athleticism, Ms Dashini is always ready to entertain and educate children for prolonged durations, boosted with her stamina. For the interest and desire of understanding children further, Ms Dashini has also pursued and kept herself well-informed on the matters of child psychology. It may be subtle, but it is evident to onlookers that Ms Dashini often establishes a strong rapport with her students.

Ms Dashini is passionate about her role as an educator and is very thankful for the privilege of contributing her care, skills, and knowledge to this line of work. As a kid at heart, she loves being around children and learning new things.

At home, Ms Dashini loves to cook, play video games and, whenever possible, travel to take in new sights. Whether it is work or play, she always gives her best.


Advanced Certificate in Early Years


Affable and charismatic, Ms Zeng has been teaching at Phyllis Riccia School for almost nine years. While she is exceptional in her education, Jessica is far from boring as she enjoys music, dance, and ensuring that her students have fun while they learn.

Ms Zeng is a responsible educator who is outgoing and passionate about her role as a teacher. A role model of hers, Tao Xingzhi, a renowned Chinese educator and reformer in the Republic of China said, “Teaching people should start from an early age. Young children such as toddlers are akin to seedlings and must be properly cultivated to thrive”. With those words in mind, Jessica appreciates and understands the significance of early childhood education. 

She hopes to spread her love to every child and strives to create a healthy and happy learning environment.

In her free time, Ms Zeng entertains herself with a myriad of hobbies. She enjoys singing, dancing, and playing several musical instruments like the violin, ukulele, and piano. Ms Zeng is also very disciplined in her health and very often exercises to keep fit. She has proven to be a versatile and valuable instructor at PRS.


Diploma in Early Childhood Education


A nursery teacher at Phyllis Riccia School, Ms Maninder has worked in early childhood education for over ten years. Kind and thoughtful, she enjoys spending time with children and is particularly skilled at caring for infants and toddlers.

With her lasting career and experience, Ms Maninder has proven to be a capable early childhood educator and excels at teaching younger children. To her colleagues, she is known to be very consistent and is able to very immaculately understand the way children work. Imploring the use of this skill at work, she is able to effectively educate her students and forge strong bonds with them. This is bolstered by the fact that she is proficient in Mandarin, Tamil, and Bahasa at an adequate level.

For the longest time, Ms Maninder has shown the ability and drive to overcome the challenges that emerge at PRS. Additionally, she has always shown her full support at every opportunity by being a responsible and dependable addition to the PRS roster.

Ms Maninder enjoys learning new things and exploring different environments. During her free time, Ms Maninder surrounds herself with music as she prefers to keep herself active by singing and dancing. She also enjoys keeping fit by jogging and watching her nutrition.


Certificate in Early Years Care & Education


Ms Siew Bee has been a chef at Phyllis Riccia School for over five years. As a master of the culinary arts, it is no surprise that cooking is not only her profession but also her hobby. 

Every holiday or whenever time permits, Siew Bee enjoys experimenting with new cooking methods or even making new and interesting dishes.

She often strives to make delicious and healthy food for her teachers and children. Ms Siew Bee believes that working in a school full of joy and laughter has enriched her life and as a result has made her extremely happy.


Young and willing to learn, Ms Azlin is a teacher that is IT-savvy, able to adapt to many situations and is a responsible team-player. She often encourages and educates the children about the importance of staying fit and happy through sports and games, since she plays different sports such as floorball, touch rugby and atheletics in her free time. 

A steadfast quality of hers is her mission of sharing her desire for learning to the young budding students of the school. As someone who enjoys reading and learning new languages, Ms Azlin affirms that it should be the goal of anyone at any age to persist in their quest for knowledge.

Ms Azlin takes great care in her role as a teacher which she views as both a duty and responsibility of great importance. Nevertheless, she remains a cheerful and lovely addition to the educators at PRS.


Fundamentals in Early Childhood Education
Diploma in Applied Science (Nutrition and Food Science)