Singapore Kindergarten Testimonials

Over the past 10 years, Phyllis Riccia School has enrolled hundreds of students who have benefitted greatly from our approach. Read on for some Singapore kindergarten testimonials that parents have given.

My daughter, Saarah has really blossomed and bloomed ever since she joined PRS in 2020. We were third time lucky in getting a preschool that allowed her to come out of her shell. The love, care, and genuine interest by the Teachers towards her and the very child who enters the school gates is very telling because the children are so happy to be there. As an educator myself, I can definitely tell when a child loves to come to school and when they don’t.

The Teachers are very savvy in conducting their lessons be it online or in class. They are very animated, energetic, and enthusiastic with their delivery using multiple modalities to engage the young ones. My daughter always has stories when I pick her up and I have to ask her to come home because she loves going to school. As a parent, I am just very happy that my daughter is given a childhood to remember and PRS is a very big part of it!
Lecturer & Course lead (NIE) & learning support specialist (ITE)
We've been part of the PRS family since 2013 when our eldest child turned 18 months. The PRS environment feels like a 2nd home to our 3 children where learning is holistic and enjoyable. The school's fun and unique approach towards the celebration of various festivals has created not only racial understanding but also memorable childhood for the PRS children. Halloween is one of those that even parents wouldn't want to miss! Fun aside, PRS equips the children with necessary skills for primary school as observed in our older children, now in P2 and P4. The nurturing teachers have made our kids avid readers too!
lawyer & office manager
PRS was my first choice when I was looking for a preschool cum childcare Centre for my then 18-month old daughter, Claudia. What impressed me was the principal of PRS, Ms Claudine. She constantly strives to be the best in the preschool fraternity. With her rich expertise and hands-on philosophy, she develops her teachers well and collates the best materials for the children enrolled in PRS. Through this curriculum, Claudia developed excellent social and life skills. PRS also ensures that every child learns while taking care of their psycho-social and emotional well-being. We are so thankful to PRS for laying such a strong foundation so much so that Claudia eases her way through the rigorous primary school system and managed to enter the GEP preliminary round 2021. Kudos to PRS!
My children are in primary school now but I still see the impact that a holistic PRS education have on them. They are keen learners who are sociable and well-mannered. I attribute this to the team of dedicated and warm teachers and management with a programme that value learning in meaningful contexts and purposeful play. One thing I loved most was the focus on aesthetics and my children had so many opportunities to dabble in song and dance!
Learning Solutionist & INDustry Business Architect
PRS were incredibly welcoming when we moved to the Woodlands and provided a warm and educationally enriching environment for our 2 year old.  The highest compliment I can pay is that I have recommended many PRS to a number of SAS families and that for Blake's first year at SAS he continued to attend PRS during the afternoon.  I will always be thankful that we were able to find a nursery in which Blake was cared for and nurtured in an authentically Singaporean context so soon after arriving from London.