SINGAPORE National Education


“When I am called to duty, God, wherever flames may rage, give me strength to save a life, whatever be its age”. Total Defence Day is a day to commemorate the efforts of Singaporean’s finest. From the soldiers that protect our country, to the firemen that keep our homes safe from fires and the policemen that patrol our streets, we at PRS appreciate the efforts of our uniformed heroes. As such, we at PRS do our best to educate our children  and give them a sneak peek into the day in the life of a uniformed officer. We raise salutes to our champions and we wish everyone a Happy Total Defence Day!


Happy National Day from the PRS Family! Another year forward for Singapore is always an event to celebrate and an opportunity to learn more about our country’s rich history. From the vibrant range of ethnic cultures to the incredibly vast range of delicious food our country has to offer, our kids will always have their interests piqued. PRS will of course be celebrating with activities like dancing, marching and singing to the national songs like ‘We are Singapore’ and ‘Home’! The children will also be dressed in our national colours on this special day. Let’s look forward to celebrating many more National Day together!


Do you see children dressed in baju kurung, cheongsam or saree walking into schools? This happens when we celebrate Racial Harmony Day! As we do every year, PRS celebrates Rational Harmony Day on the 21st of July. To commemorate and show appreciation for other races and cultures in our multi-ethnic country, we will be learning more about the different cultures and their traditions through songs, dances and many more activities. We even have a specially prepared mini multi-cultural buffet for our children to taste the different local cuisines. We always look forward to seeing how lovely everyone will look in their ethnic costumes on this special day!