Singapore Preschool Activities


PRS celebrates our very own Book Character Day! On this day, we encourage the children to come dressed up as their beloved characters from their favourite book series. This is a great opportunity for them to share with the rest of their class what they love most about the characters and their story. The teachers at PRS will of course be joining in the fun with their very own costumes as we all work together to bring our favourite characters to life. With short skits, songs and rhymes by our teachers of famous stories from Dr Seuss, the Little Men series and many more, the children are sure to get interested and will want to pick up books to read more for themselves.This definitely cultivates a love for books from a young age!


Music, dance, drama and rhymes! What better way for the children to build their vocabulary and language skills other than through famous stories and classical tales. The children will have countless opportunities to tap on their creativity and imagination to showcase their interpretations of the stories and rhymes. Furthermore, when they perform in front of others, the children will also develop their confidence, providing a great integration of developing the children cognitively, socially and emotionally. From Little Red Riding Hood to Green Eggs and Ham to the musical Aladdin, don’t be surprised at what our children can bring to our stage!


PRS annual Sports Day is a wonderful time for everyone to take a break from our hectic work lives to come together and spend some quality time with some sports and activities. We have many fun and challenging games where children practice their balancing skills, hand-eye coordination and motor skills. As always, Sports Day is a great way to integrate important values like teamwork, responsibility and perseverance. Sports Day is also an effective way to foster a great deal of trust and friendship between the children, family members and educators at PRS. Since we also believe in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, this is one of the ways for us to carry out what we believe in.


‘Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future’. – John F Kennedy. On this special day, we celebrate the joy of having our precious children with us. We recognise the importance of acknowledging that each child is unique in their own way and that they have their own talents and strengths. The children will be engaged in a variety of games and activities lined up for them on this day, having fun together, appreciating their friends and fostering stronger bonds between the teachers and the children. And not forgetting songs, rhymes and dramas too to remind the children how big a part they play in our lives. To all the children out there, PRS wishes you a very Happy Children’s Day!


Happy Mother’s Day from the PRS family! On this day, we honour and celebrate motherhood, mothers and their contribution to our families and society. The children will share and reflect why mothers are special and why they form a big part of our lives. Our children also simply love to sing songs and rhymes about their mothers. Be sure to show your mother your care and appreciation on not just this day, but every day! Happy Mother’s Day!


The PRS family would like to wish all of the super cool dads out there a very ceremonious Father’s Day! On this day, be sure to show appreciation and honour to the fathers of the world, yours or otherwise. At PRS, the kids make a small gift to express their love for their dads. Additionally, we have a special photo booth for the children to take memorable pictures with their dads. Remember, don’t forget to thank your fathers for being a part of your life and for all that he does for you and your family. Happy Father’s Day!


Salutations from the PRS family! Whether you’ll be tuning in online or coming in person, you won’t want to miss our most anticipated event, the Year-End cum Graduation concert! Not only will the children sing, dance and perform skits, they will also have the opportunity to build up their confidence in front of an audience and emcee the event. Our audience is always awed by the performances by our talented kids. With the Year-End Concert also comes the graduation for our K2s as we bid them farewell and wish them success in the next step of their education. Happy Graduation!