Singapore Preschool Curriculum

Phyllis Riccia School Curriculum Framework

Our Singapore preschool curriculum at Phyllis Riccia adopts the Ministry of Education’s and Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) “Outdoor Learning Guide” and “Nurturing Early Learners” framework.

We also apply the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” in our curriculum plan for preschool to identify each child’s unique strengths and provide a wide variety of learning experiences. 

Our comprehensive and holistic curriculum allows each child to have the chance to learn in a broad and creative learning environment.

Our Curriculum plan for preschool

In Nursery 1, the offered programmes are holistic, and they provide optimal support and experiences for growth, development, and learning.

In Nursery 2 onwards, the school offers more specific programmes focusing on:

    • Aesthetics and creative expression.
    • Discovery of the world.
    • Language and literacy.
    • Motor skills development.
    • Numeracy
    • Social and emotional development.
Our Curriculum plan for preschool


We adopt the Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) “Outdoor Learning Guide” into our curriculum.

Our outdoor classes provide rich sensory experiences to aid in the growth and development of our students, and ensure that our programmes will be:

    • An integral part of our student’s daily life,
    • Fun and enjoyable,
    • A stimulus and an extension to encourage children to discover more from what they learn indoors.
nurture nature

Providing our students with frequent and consistent opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, we aid them on the path to becoming healthy children with active lifestyles while developing emotional connectedness to their surroundings and community.

At Phyllis Riccia School, our teachers make use of our outdoor facilities and space to create opportunities for purposeful play in nature. Our educators organise and facilitate engaging activities to nurture our students to grow their knowledge, abilities, and personalities.

ECDA Nurturing Early Learners framework

As a preschool, Phyllis Riccia School adopts ECDA’s “Nurturing Early Learners – A Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens” into our own curriculum.

The framework helps to nurture young children holistically in various areas of learning to encourage curious, competent and active learners.

Singapore preschool curriculum framework tackles 6 areas of learning:

    • Aesthetics and Creative Expression is the exploration of the environment and creative indulgence of play and self-expression through music, movement and art.
    • Discovery of the World allows children to ask questions through observations and make sense of the world around them.
    • Language and Literacy expose children to language-related activities such as role-playing, singing, rhyming and reading.
    • Motor Skills Development influences physical activity, agility and coordination
    • Numeracy helps children understand and apply mathematical concepts in their daily lives.
    • Social and Emotional Development allows children to develop healthy self-esteem by managing their emotions and allowing them to form healthy relationships later on in life.

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Phyllis Riccia School aims to provide holistic premium early childhood education, that does not just focus on academics. To achieve this goal, we apply Howard Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences” in our curriculum planning.

There are eight types of intelligence:

    • Linguistic-Verbal
    • Logical
    • Visual-Spatial
    • Kinesthetics
    • Musical
    • Interpersonal
    • Intrapersonal
    • Naturalist

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