Singapore Preschool Events

Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai from everyone at PRS! It is customary for those to exchange this saying to one another to wish others a prosperous new year. At PRS, we always ensure that the children get into the Chinese New Year spirit with a flurry of bright-red activities that will tickle that cultural itch and educate them on the rich history surrounding the festivities. To teach the kids the significance of these cultural events, we introduce famous Chinese New Year tales, rhymes and get them to perform different dances, songs and even plays. On top of that, the act we always look forward to the most is the lion and dragon dance done by our kindergarten children. It truly is a sight to behold! PRS once again wishes you a happy Chinese New Year! We hope you enjoy the festivities.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for couples! On this day, it is important that we commemorate two of life’s greatest gifts, love and friendship. At PRS, we value connection and so as we do annually with Valentine’s Day, we will celebrate with the telling of the story of St Valentine, sing songs to celebrate friendship and participate in our own ‘Circle of Love’ activity. Why would you just be classmates when you could also be good friends? That is why at PRS, we try our best to ensure that our students truly get to know one another with Valentine’s Day being the perfect occasion to do so. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


Eggs, fun and the ever jolly bunny, we at PRS would like to extend to you a warm springtime hello and wish you a happy Easter! As is the PRS tradition, we commemorate this day with easter-themed fun. With the classic egg-hunt game to kick off Easter, students will work together to find special eggs that our Easter Bunny has littered throughout the school! It is well-known that the PRS family loves the arts, so we will also have singing, dancing and a little bit of storytelling for that extra garnish. Lastly, we also encourage our children to bring two white-shelled boiled eggs to participate in our Easter egg colouring activity (don’t remove the shell!). Happy, hoppy Easter to everyone!

Dragon Boat Festival

What does dragon-shaped boats and dumplings remind you of? It’s none other than the Dragon Boat Festival! In Singapore, we have a great deal of respect for dragon boating and we dedicate much effort in keeping this tradition alive to promote culture and sport. Our national team has even won several medals in competitions they participated in. There will be plenty of events such as the telling of the history of the dragon boat festival, with songs and a myriad of creative artistic activities. We will even have a demonstration on the making of dumplings, which the kids have enjoyed time and time again. This is why our children look forward to this educational and entertaining experience every year!

Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival from everyone at the PRS family! For those who are unfamiliar with the festival, it is more commonly referred to as the Mooncake Festival in Singapore. The festivity symbolizes many things but for us at PRS, the value we treasure the most is family. As always, the kids will be treated to a visual delight of the story of how the celebration came about with our talented educators acting the tale out! With the Mid-Autumn Festival also comes the famous mooncake which of course, the children will have the opportunity to make and enjoy the treat for themselves. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone and we wish all of your family good health!

Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya from the PRS family! It is customary to wish everyone who celebrates the festival with this greeting which translates to ‘have a happy celebration.’ As we do with all of our cultural events, we encourage our children to participate alongside our educators with great enthusiasm in the different activities prepared. To commemorate this festivity and show our care, our children will come to school dressed in a Malay ethnic costume or in green! With a plethora of art activities to celebrate the day, we will also be treating all of our children to a delicious Mee Soto lunch. Once again, PRS wishes you a Selamat Hari Raya. We hope you enjoy the holiday!


It’s Deepavali everywhere! Happiness is in the air and we at the PRS family wish you all a happy Deepavali. The festival of lights is also known as one where we celebrate the triumph of good over evil. This rings true not just to those who celebrate it but to everyone on earth as we all must strive to be kind, courteous and comprising to one another. At PRS, we treat all of our cultural events with the same level of respect and Deepavali is no different. Thus, we encourage all of our students to be dressed thematically in ethnic clothing or in purple! As always, we hope the children look forward to the myriad of activities we have prepared for them. A long day of fun and learning is often accompanied by hunger, which is why we will also provide a delicious Indian lunch to tickle their taste buds. We at PRS wish you a happy Deepavali and hope you enjoy the festivities!


Happy Halloween from everyone at PRS! A famous holiday that needs no introduction. What we at PRS love most about Halloween is watching the children come to school dressed up as their favourite characters! From the legendary Jedi Luke Skywalker to the beautiful Cinderella, there are always surprises for our educators and we are always kept guessing. With Halloween comes a plethora of games, treats and joy. At PRS, we treat our children to fun activities like designing their own Jack-O-Lanterns and watching Halloween dramas by their friends and teachers. Halloween at PRS is never a dull moment and this year is no exception! Happy Halloween from PRS!


Merry Christmas from everyone at the PRS family! There is no better time to be merry and to be dressed in Christmas colours. Picture this: You’re at the school and you watch as the children happily hop over to the gates in their Santa’s hats and their Rudolph’s noses, brimming with joy. While there isn’t any snow here, there is still an abundance of Christmas cheer. For Christmas at PRS, we’ll have a show telling the story of Christmas, plenty of games, Christmas carols and an appearance from Santa Claus himself (who even made an appearance online during Covid!). This will definitely be one of those events that your children won’t want to miss. Merry Christmas once again and we wish you a happy new year!