Singapore Preschool Facilities

The vast and open Singapore preschool facilities at Phyllis Riccia offer kids the chance to be involved in various activities, encouraging them to make the most of their time at school learning.

Indoor Learning Environment

Phyllis Riccia School is a safe place for children to learn and explore. With five classrooms, a library and a dining area we call “PRS Cafe”, our students are provided with ample space to communicate and express themselves. To ensure the safety of our students, we host activities such as dance and workouts in our spacious multi-purpose hall. We help our students recharge between activities and classes by setting up cosy nap areas that our students can retreat to and be comfortable.

Outdoor Learning Environment

At Phyllis Riccia School, we value the benefits of outdoor activities. The experience helps us nurture our students better and instil their love for nature. Phyllis Riccia School’s outdoor learning environment features a gardening corner where kids can learn how to care for the various types of flora available. There is also an exciting playground with swings, slides, jungle gym, trampoline, water and sand play which helps children learn about empathy as they interact in different ways while being active all day long!

Flora in PRS

Besides helping us keep our school beautiful and serene, the flora that surrounds our school helps us improve air quality, benefitting our students. Aligned with our goal to use nature to nurture our students, our flora helps children appreciate the beauty of nature, all while learning more about them.