Singapore Preschool Founders


Originally an MOE teacher for primary and secondary schools, Claudine has always been an educator. Along her journey, she served at a well-known tuition centre as the main trainer. In her stint as the main trainer, she also took on the role of training other trainers. She helped by teaching them how to deliver programmes to different students effectively. Through her years of experience as the main trainer, she gained a deeper understanding of how to communicate and educate children with different personalities.

Claudine started her journey with Phyllis Riccia School after she realised that she was capable of providing a premium early childhood education. On top of that, Claudine wanted to bring the concept of premium early childhood education to the neighbourhood, instead of needing people to travel all the way to the heart of the city. To her, premium education encompassed good language proficiency with creative and critical thinking, summed in an all-rounded education programme.

Equipped with her skills and experiences gained over the past 30 years, Phyllis Riccia School was born out of her great ambition and passion for early childhood education.

Claudine holds a Master in Speech and Language Pathology from the National University of Singapore and a Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Singapore Preschool Founders


An experienced educator holding a Degree in Management and Diploma in Counselling Psychology, Prehalath’s passion for education stretches beyond early childhood education. Prehalath was involved in corporate training, and similar to Claudine, he took on the role of training others.

Prehalath’s journey in the early childhood education and care business started when he decided to tap into the market in Myanmar. His experience in Myanmar allowed him to upskill himself. He trained organisations and institutions to develop a highly effective, professional team and help them propel into efficient and dynamic entities.

With his expertise and Claudine’s experience, Phyllis Riccia School was established to provide premium and reliable education in the neighbourhood of Woodlands.