Singapore Preschool Programmes

Our Singapore prechool programmes are designed around Singapore’s Early Years Development Framework developed by Early Childhood Development Agency Singapore, (ECDA) to ensure that it will:

    • Encourage their curiosity so that your precious ones can learn more about the world.
    • Encourage active learning so that your precious ones can learn via trial and error.
    • Encourage their competency so that they can improve their reasoning and thinking abilities.
Singapore Preschool Programmes

The focus of this programme is to assist our students to acquire social and emotional skills, without disregarding language, perceptual and motor skills.

Age Range: 1.5 to 3 Years Old

This programme will allow our students to be comfortable exploring themselves and practice their motor skills while being exposed to a variety of sensory activities.

Age Range: 3 Years Old

The nursery  programme stimulates creative thinking and allows our students to practice decision-making and how to work in a team. 

Age Range: 4 Years Old

This programme is tailored to enhance our student’s proficiency in leadership and resourcefulness that were taught and instilled in previous years.

Age Range: 5 to 6 Years Old