Singapore Preschool Workshops


Computers, tabs and smartphones. These are the essentials that we all need in our daily lives. Technology has been playing an important role and might in fact, take upon bigger roles in the future. This is why at PRS, we understand the need to equip the children with skills to help them keep up with the progress of technology. The children will have fun building and inputting directions into robots and be inspired to innovate and create machines that can help better our lives. Who knows, we might have the next Little Einstein in the making!


“Everything you can imagine is real” – Picasso. Who better to inspire artistic creativity in children than the Spanish savant himself? With the Art programme at PRS, children will be exposed to a variety of famous artists from around the globe while learning about their most prolific works. From Leonardo da Vinci to Vincent van Gogh, there will be much to explore. The kids will of course get a chance to get their hands dirty with paint as they attempt to re-create these works of art with their special techniques!


Glitz, Glam and Fashion! Introducing Phyllis Riccia’s Design & Fashion programme! This will be a 3-day holiday that will allow the kids to delve into the art of designing clothes. If you want to look smart, you’re gonna have to dress the part! Here, they will be granted the opportunity to learn about different prints, patterns and shapes with the chance of designing their own t-shirt with their print of choice. One of the highlights the parents have loved yearly is the runway showcase on day 3 where the kids will model with their designed shirts and talk about their beautiful creations with their friends.


At PRS, we recognize that allowing children to learn outdoors introduces many benefits. Kids who learn outdoors have better motor skills, agility, balance and even coordination. With our Art with Nature programme, we allow the children to delve into the world of art and crafts outdoors . This involves the use of everyday objects like stones, leaves and twigs to craft their artistic visions. “The world is your oyster” and we take that to heart with this programme the where the children will be inspired to work with their imagination.


Math is an integral part of everyone’s life. However, we at PRS firmly believe that we should make the most out of our education and while we’re at it, make it fun. With our Munching With Mathematics programme, we at PRS allow the kids to engage in relatable activities while also bolstering their appreciation for mathematics. With different activities that implore the use of counting, measuring, fractions, we provide kids with fun and interesting problems