The Power of Enrichment Classes for Preschoolers

Enrichment classes are extracirrculium classes taken outside of formal classed. Examples of popular enrichment classes in Singapore include language lessons, advanced math, music, arts and crafts, dance, sports and martial arts.

It enhances children by adding a certain value to them as they tend to develop and learn through these enrichment classes becoming more well-rounded individuals. Experiencing these different types of activities expands their mind at a very young age.

Enrichment Classes

Top 10 Enrichment Classes

There is a wide range of enrichment classes being offered and we narrowed down 10 of the best to help in your child’s extracurricular activities apart from preschool. Here are some enrichment classes you can look at:

    • Outdoor education classes such as camping, surfing, rock climbing allow children to quench their thirst for exploration and adventure.
    • Art classes using clay, oil paints, yarn or Chinese calligraphy to encourage creative imagination, communication and invention
    • Coding, STEAM, STEM or robotics enrichment classes are for children interested or who want to develop their science and math skills through inquiry-based logical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
    • Dance classes to pick up swift movements, discipline, gracefulness and build self-confidence and self-exploration.
    • Martial arts classes such as Taekwondo, karate or wushu build resilience and strength.
    • Sports classes such as swimming help develop motor skills, character, teamwork and discipline through confidence and social interaction.
    • Theatrical arts channel kids love for all things dramatic and staged performances developing confidence and self-expression.
    • Cooking and baking classes encourage a curious palette and enhanced taste, especially for fussy eaters.
    • Foreign language classes give children an opportunity to learn various languages and pick up expressions to be a master at linguistics.
    • Music lessons allow aspiring musicians to pick up the piano, cello, violin or guitar to form a band or play solo.
Enrichment Classes for Preschoolers

8 Benefits of Enrichment Classes

    • Enrichment classes expose a child to different styles of teaching. While some children appreciate sitting quietly in a corner, taking notes and listening intently, others might prefer a more hands-on approach or group setting. A combination of various types of learning leads to a deeper understanding in children. By holding smaller classes, teachers can assess their students’ abilities much better. Teachers can also tweak their classes to be more flexible, allowing kids to comprehend better.
    • Enrichment classes can also be very interesting and fun. They delve into new topics, creating a deeper understanding than the normal preschool classroom settings. In turn, kids can work together to bounce off ideas and learn from each other.
    • Enrichment classes create a more conducive environment for children, allowing them to take the edge off and have fun when learning. It is less stressful for students and they carry with them a new burst of energy and self-confidence which translates at their preschool.
    • Enrichment classes like sports, coding or the arts improve children’s academic success in their preschool. This is because they are motivated, build endurance and instil a sense of discipline outside of their usual preschool setting. They begin to understand that hard work and dedication can lead to a beautiful painting or winning a trophy as long as they keep at it.
    • Enrichment classes can lead to better grades at school. Children have more time to process challenges, ask questions and work on their critical thinking skills.
    • Enrichment classes allow a child to grow personally. By taking on a new program with different students, they begin to flourish however it would be difficult to do so if they were not exposed to the program in the first place. They make new friends and learn about empathy, trust and acceptance in this way.
    • Enrichment classes help children use their time wisely. Because they are preoccupied doing something productive like homework, projects or sports, they have less time and energy to get into trouble. This allows them to keep up and excel at subjects when they grow older, making for a more successful future.
    • Enrichment classes can make the difference between a pass and a fail. Not every student learns in the same way and while academics may not be their strong suit, they can complement this by learning through activities like sport, giving them more of a confidence booster in other areas as well.
Singapore Preschools Enrichment Classes

5 Things to Look Out for in an Enrichment Class

In choosing an enrichment programme, be sure to take note of these helpful tips to make your search a little easier.

    • Before deciding on one program over the other, try looking at a combination of programs to identify subject areas that are most helpful for your child.
    • Think about the type of activities that would interest your child and what their passion is. With that in mind, you should be able to narrow down a class that they will be able to enjoy and be enthusiastic about.
    • It is vital that you enrol your child in a program that has qualified teachers who can engage and have suitable experience.
    • Take into consideration how this particular enrichment class will provide your child with the best tools needed to help them succeed as well-rounded individuals.
    • Lastly, make sure that the environment is safe, conducive and hygienic. This will help in their overall well-being and willingness to learn.
Enrichment Classes Singapore

Are Enrichment Classes Worth it?

There are many types of enrichment classes out there on offer that seek to help our children enhance and improve in certain subject areas. As preschoolers are already curious and are at a ripe age where they are picking things up so quickly, it would be remiss of parents not to tap into their talent and interests to further grow their passion in specific areas.

Enrolling them in enrichment classes might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it provides children with so much more than just the basic preschool curriculum. It introduces ideas and opens their world up to so much more such as developing motor and social skills, being creative and experimental as well as encouraging personal growth and an acute awareness and appreciation for the people and things around them.